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82% Unsalted Butter

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82Unsalted ButterButter made exclusively from pasteurized sweet cream and contains milk fat not less than 82% by weight. Applications: Baked goods, prepared foods, sauces, soups, and consumer and industrial packaging.

Physical Specifications
Colour: Uniform,Light yellow
Flavor: Clean,fresh,no rancid or off flavors
Odour: No off odours
Schorched Particles: Disc A/B
Antibiotics: Absent
Foreign matters: Absent

Chemical Specifications
Moisture: < 16,0% Milk Fat
Milk Fat: > 82,0%
Milk Solids Non Fat: < 2,0%
pH: 6,0 – 6,8
Peroxyde Value: < 0,5 meq O2 / kg
Free Fatty Acids: < 0,6%

Microbiological Specifications
Standard Plate Count: < 5.000 CFU per gr
Enterobacteriaceae: < 10 CFU per gr
Yeast & Moulds: < 100 CFU per gr
Salmonella: Absent
Staphylococcus Aureus: Absent

Packaging 25 kg Net Weight Block in cardboard box with poly-bag
Shelf Life Frozen at -18°C 18 months

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Butter is a solid dairy product made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk, to separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. It is generally used as a spread on plain or toasted bread products and a condiment on cooked vegetables, as well as in cooking, such as baking, sauce making, and pan frying. Butter consists of butterfat, milk proteins and water.

Most frequently made from cow milk, butter can also be manufactured from the milk of other mammals, including sheep, goats, buffalo, and yaks. Salt such as dairy salt, flavorings and preservatives are sometimes added to butter. Renderingbutter produces clarified butter or ghee, which is almost entirely butterfat.

Butter is a water-in-oil emulsion resulting from an inversion of the cream; in a water-in-oil emulsion, the milk proteins are the emulsifiers. Butter remains a solid when refrigerated, but softens to a spreadable consistency at room temperature, and melts to a thin liquid consistency at 32–35 °C (90–95 °F). The density of butter is 911 g/L (0.950 lbs per US pint).[1]

It generally has a pale yellow color, but varies from deep yellow to nearly white. Its unmodified color is dependent on the animals’ feed and is commonly manipulated with food colorings in the commercial manufacturing process, most commonlyannatto or carotene.

2 reviews for 82% Unsalted Butter

  1. Hamza khalid

    The sample you send was really good ww are ready now ro order 4×40ft for first order

  2. Yvone Griner

    Assisted me a lot, just what I was looking for : D.

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