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Skimmed Milk

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Powdered milk or dried milk is a manufactured dairy product made by evaporating milk to dryness. One purpose of drying milk is to preserve it; milk powder has a far longer shelf life than liquid milk and does not need to be refrigerated, due to its low moisture content. Another purpose is to reduce its bulk for economy of transportation. Powdered milk and dairy products include such items as dry whole milk, nonfat (skimmed) dry milk, dry buttermilk, dry whey products and dry dairy blends. Many dairy products exported conform to standards laid out in Codex Alimentarius. Many forms of milk powder are traded on exchanges.

Manufactured from fresh pasteurised skimmed milk by spray drying, 100 % cow milk

Taste, Odor, Flavor:

Typical of product, without other aftertastes

Structure :

Powdery, smooth, free-flowing

Color :

White to creamy white

Physical and Chemical Parameters :

Fat %                  

1.0 (max 1.5)

Minerals %  :

max 8.5

Protein %           

32.0 – 34.0

Acidity, Thorner method, 0 Th  :


Moisture %           

3.0 – 3.6

Solubility index :

max o.20 cm3

Lactose, %    

min 50.0

Scorched Particles / Purity :      


Microbiological Properties :

Total Plate Count, cfu/g:

Max 50 000 cfu/g        

ISO 4833


None / 0.1 g                  

GOST 9225

Staphylococcus aureus:

None / 1.0 g                   

ISO 5944

Listeria Monocytogenes:

None / 25 g          


None / 25 g                               

ISO 6579

Toxic Elements :

Pb, mg/kg :       

max 0.1

Zn, mg/kg:

Max 5.0

Cd, mg/kg :          

max 0.03

As, ms/kg:

Max 0.05

Cu, mg/kg :      

max 1.0

Hg, mg/kg:

Max 0.005

Mycotoxin :

Aflatoxin M1, mg/kg:

< 0.0005

Aflatoxin B1, mg/kg

< 0.001

Antibiotic Residue:

Tetracycline, 1/g:

Negative Devlotest SP < 0.01

Penicillin, 1/g:

Negative Devlotest SP < 0.01

Streptomycin, 1/g:

Negative Devlotest SP < 0.5

Chloramphenicol, mcg/kg:

Negative Devlotest SP < 0.29

Hormonal Preparations:

Diethylstilbestrol, mg/kg:


Estradiol-17 B, mg/kg:



Cs-137, Bq/kg:

Max 500

Sr-90, Bq/kg:

Max 100



< 0.1 % ERM-BF410b, ISO 21569:2008


Agrobacterium Tumefaciens:

< 0.1 % ERM-BF410b, ISO 21569:2008


Shelf Life:

2 years from the manufacturing date. Under cool dry conditions (0-10 0C; relative humidity max 85%)


Multi layerkraft paper bags with a polyethylene liner 25 kg

1 review for Skimmed Milk

  1. Barbila martin

    Can you offer 200g packaging for the skimmed milk?

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