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Raw Hazelnuts / Filberts (No Shell)

Blanched Hazelnuts in Shell

Organic Hazelnuts (Raw, No Shell)

Roasted Hazelnuts / Filberts (Unsalted / Unsalted)


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 28g (~1 oz.)

(Approx. 16.2 Servings/Pound)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 175

Calories From Fat 140


Total Fat 17g 26%

Saturated Fat 3g 18%

Cholesterol 0mg 0%

Sodium 5mg 0%

Total Carbohydrate 6g 2%

dietary fiber 2g 8%

Sugars 1g

Protein 5g

Vitamin A 0% Calcium 2%

Vitamin C 0% Iron 6%

Excellent quality.

Humidity is less than 6%.

Caliber 18, 20, 25.nuclei purified



Raw Hazelnut also known as cobnuts or filberts, hazelnuts are good eaten raw but the flavor takes on a more mellow, sweeter character when they are roasted. Like almost all nuts, they have a high fat content, which means they’ll go rancid pretty quickly if not refrigerated.

Raw as a snack, or added to muesli. Chopped and used in cakes or crumble toppings. Ground finely to make flour for baking.

Hazelnuts are a good natural source of vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant in the tissues of the human body; they also provide appreciable amounts of vitamins in the B group, including B6 and folic acid.

Numerous studies have concluded that regular consumption of hazelnuts is advisable to prevent cardiovascular illnesses, such as arteriosclerosis, heart problems and hypercholesterolemia, and helps to lengthen life expectancy. They are also important for all those who have to make hard physical efforts.



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