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Post-consumer waste is material discarded after consumer use, such as old corrugated containers (OCC), old magazines, and newspapers. Paper suitable for recycling is called “scrap paper“, often used to produce moulded pulp packaging.

OCC 11 – Grade 11 OCC

Old corrugated containers 11 – Industries defines Corrugated Containers (Grade 11 OCC) 
These are corrugated papers having liners of either test liner,jute or kraft. Under this category of paper,the following characteristics are exibited.

  • Prohibitive Materials:Not to exceed 5%
  • Outthrows: Should Not to exceed 5%
  • Combined Outthrows and Prohibitives may not exceed 5%.
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OCC 12 – Grade 12 (DSOCC)

Sorted to be free of boxboard, off-shore corrugutated, plastic, and wax..

  • Trash/Prohibitive Materials : 0%
  • Outthrows plus prohibitive : not exceed 5%
  • Moisture content : not exceed 5%
  • Bales sizes in (cm) stands at 115(Width)/ Height(115) and Length( 200).
  • 25 Bales per Container.

Dealing in different kinds of waste paper materials is considered a highly lucrative business these days and many people who are trying to establish an independent business and achieve financial success and financial freedom choose to deal in such materials. The waste paper materials are actually recycled and they are used to create new materials which can again be used by consumers. This not only helps to bring down the problem of environmental waste but it also makes it possible to make the best use of available resources. So, if you are looking to do business with these waste materials, it is important that you learn as much as possible about them so that you can make important business decisions. For instance, if you want to deal in OCC 11 and OCC 12 specifications, then you must know what they are about and the differences between them as this can help you to run your waste paper business effectively.

There are certain distinct differences between the OCC 11 waste paper specification and OCC 12 waste paper specification. The OCC 11, also referred to as Grade 11 OCC mainly includes corrugated containers used for paper recycling. They usually have kraft, jute or test liners and are sold in the same manner. The OCC 12 waste paper specification is also often referred to as DS OCC or Double Sorted Corrugated category. This specific classification consists of different types of double corrugated containers that are generated from the supermarkets as well as commercial and industrial facilities. These double corrugated containers also have liners of jute, test liner and/or kraft. The materials are specially sorted in order to make sure that they are free of boxboard and off-shore corrugated materials, wax and plastic. In case of OCC grade 12 materials, the total out-throws do not exceed 2%.The prohibitive materials for this category do not exceed half of 1%.

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